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The salt flats of the Matola river, the white dots in the background are flamingoesMozambican sculptor Pekiwa works with recycled historical wood -doors, railway sleepers, boats- in Matola near the salt flats of the Rio MatolaMozambican sculptor Pekiwa transforms historical wood -doors, railway sleepers, boats- in Matola near the salt flats of the Rio MatolaPancho Guedes house, SommerschieldPancho Guedes house, staircase,  SommerschieldPancho Guedes house, PolanaGSD africanis mix has springMaputo's marginal at sunsetWhat looks like a serious oil spill from the past, some 50-70km north of MaputoBugs matingAdvanced dog frisbee on the beachMeeting the local dogs on the beachMoticoma playing at the Associaçao dos Musicos Moçambicanos in MaputoThe opening act for Moticoma during their impressive set at the Associaçao dos Musicos Moçambicanos in MaputoGsd-africanis mix at 22 months, hunting for fishStrychnos spinosa lam or Spiny monkey-orange tree in Maputo Special Reserve. Spot the 2 sleepy hippopotamus in the Lago MaundeAvenida Kenneth Kaunda, near the U.S. Embassy Africanis GSD mix at 19 monthsAfricanis GSD mix at 19 monthsMorning light in the garden with a grass eating dog in the backgroundWe, the privileged, just have to steer around some serious potholes and pay double (60 dollarcent) for a coconut.The 'waste land' next to the Game supermarket, home of the Automóvel & Touring Clube de Maputo, with a carting and offroad track.New Year's Day in TofuNew Year's day in TofuToo much rain for Rua dos Cajueiros in Bairro Triunfo4m worth of Chamfuti, Afzelia Quanzensis, Pod Mahogany, rhodesian mahogany; for a garden table or two, and a salon tableLoading of the ferry Maputo-KatembeYet another November thunderstorm to keep the grass growingAfricanis gsd mix looking up the coolest spot during the heat before the rain.Daily dog frisbee sea swimming'Muito mal', is what locals call a moderately windy day in Maputo bay. Gsd-africanis mix at 14 months sleeping in the sun.Vodacom Group confirmed receiving instructions to close down sms-services during the popular protests early September.'The Price of Arrogance' is how independent weekly Savanna designated the popular protest of September 1st and 2ndMan picking up glass bottles early Sunday morning on av NyererePresident Armando Emilio Guebuza with suspected heroin trafficker Mohamed Bashir Suleman, photo (2007) on display in Maputo ShoppingWinter light in Southern Mozambique. Straight from my shitty ixus850. As good as crappy digital gets.Maputo bay, winter light around middayThe 3-legged father and one of his many offspringMaputo's Marginal with the Clube Naval and the Polana hotel on the hill, scale model from 1934Macaneta peninsula, 11 month old africanis-gsd bitch on top, a friendly local male below.Dog beach frisbee on a drizzling Sunday morning 10 month old GSD-Africanis pup eating eggSunrise on Xefina islandTradition badly fitted with a uniform. The 'régulos'  are wise men who mediate, e.g. between the community and the ancestors.Road from Alto Molocué to the EN08.People having jumped aside for the speeding NGO landcruiser to be sprayed with dust. A driving protol anyone?The road from Lichinga to Cuamba, in the South of Niassa provinceLichinga outskirts at the end of the rainy season.Dom Orione, centre for disabled children in Benfica just outside Maputo, run by an Italian priest8 months old africanis-gsd mix, favourite resting positionDrought causing crops to fail, threatening 750.000 families in 61 of the 128 districts. Beheaded young puff adder -bitis ariens, Southern Africa's most dangerous.Keeping the happy pigs cool. Animal Husbandry project 'Novo Destino' in Mavulula near Chissibuca, Inhambane ProvinceSunrise at Morrungulo beach, 20 km from Massinga.6 months old africanis-gsd mix after a day in the hillsevening light on Penha Longa, Manica Provinceahm, red flower in Eucalyptus forrest, Penha Longa, Manica provinceLake Chicamba in Manica ProvinceSunrise at Lake Chicamba in Manica ProvinceRock paintings near Chikukwa, Chimanimani Natural Reserve, Manica province.Angry chameleonFrelimo party now oficially holds 191/250 parliamentary seats, a comfortable 2/3rd 5 year stranglehold on Mozambique and its constitution. stray africanis & GSD pup, 21 weeks oldAcanthocecerus, aka Southern Tree Agama, aka Bloukop koggelmander, is my guess. Praying in Maputo BayTraditional (fishing) boats or dows delivering straight into the (informal?) fish marketEN101 Tofo-InhambaneSurfer riding a tube at Tofinho point.The end of our chapa to Inhambane, stopping every hour to cool the overheating engine. Half of the passengers had to switch to another one.The pre-departure sales around our chapa to Inhambane at the Junta bus stop. Departure: 'when full', c.q. 2.5 hours after my arrival.Vota Frelimo. One day before the presidential and provincial elections in Mozambique.Along Maputo's MarginalAfricanis / gsd mix, 17 weeksModelos recentesMaputo estuary at sunsetRua 1005, says gmaps. Dog walking between Tamarind and Monkey Apple trees"Power corrupts  the strongest governor", Samora Machel, 1st president of Mozambique till he got  'planecrashed'. Closest 'beach' to home, strong low tides only. White dog, white bakkie. Boerboel bullmastiff mix7.5kg alsatian-africanis pup and a 70kg boerboel-bullmastiff crossQuissico. Crazy Coconut's L. cooks excellent 'Fish cakes with pumpkin leaves' by petroleum light.  Info: Quissiko beach. Fishing in bad ass shore break.Quissiko Lake, birdwatchers' playground.Quissico. Coconut trees co-owned by the Afrikaner who runs the 'Crazy Coconut' 4X4 bush campsite & bar. Sunday: ameijoas na praiaJust to show we do have an occasional grey day. Maputo estuary, Katembe.stray africanis & GSD pup, 12 weeks oldstray africanis & GSD pup, 12 weeks old Manhiça on the EN1, some 50km North of Maputostray africanis & GSD pup, 11 weeks oldAvenida Julius NyerereRoadside litter from the modern city. Viagra, ultimate sp4m.stray africanis & GSD pup, 10 weeks oldstray africanis & GSD pup, 9 weeks oldOur favourite Sunday hangout till the cook leftMaputo estuary, view on Catembestray africanis & GSD pup, 9 weeks oldstray africanis & GSD pup, 8 weeks old, first time on the beachstray africanis & GSD pup, 7 weeks old, no name yetAfricanis mother with GSD mixed pupsafricanis & stray GSD cross, 5 weeks old pups in their transport crateafricanis & stray GSD cross, 5 weeks old pupsafricanis & stray alsatian pups, 5 weeks old. Their mother will die from a panic sticking her head through like this, half a year later. africanis & stray GSD pup, 5 weeks old, from a litter of 9The presidential peacocks, election fever in the backyardSimplify your destinyMaputo skylineMaputo skylineMaputo Bay in Winter lightPuppy alert II. The neighbourhood bitch with 9.German Shepherd beaten lame 10 years ago, adopted by the neighbourhood,  notorious shagger and dog killerMural by Malangatana Ngwenya, garden of Museu da Historia NaturalMural by Malangatana Ngwenya, garden of Museu da Historia NaturalColonial ethnography, Museu da Historia NaturalDeadly encounters in Europe's 'Savage Africa'. Museu da Historia NaturalHyena in Europe's 'Savage Africa'. Museu da Historia NaturalEurope's 'Savage Africa'. Museu da Historia NaturalLion killing lion in Europe's 'Savage Africa'. Museu da Historia Natural Elephant embryo, museu da historia natural maputoPrédio Abreu Santos e Rocha by Pancho  GuedesPrédio Abreu Santos e Rocha, Prédio Spence e Lemos by Pancho Guedesbank by Pancho Guedes, Maputoby Pancho GuedesPrédio Jossub (?) by Pancho GuedesCasas para Coop: garden wall by Pancho GuedesCasa para Coop by Pancho GuedesBy Pancho GuedesRua Patrice LumumbaAvenida da Guerra Popular Avenida da Guerra PopularAvenida 24 de JulhoMuseu with 24 de JulhoView on the Baixa from the Cardoso roundaboutPancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house, SommerschieldPancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house, CoopPancho Guedes house, PolanaPancho Guedes house, PolanaPancho Guedes 'bakery',Maputo Polana cimento North-WestMaputo Polana cimento North-East Maputo Polana cimento South-EastEarly morning fish marketSunrise, what nearly became our daily bedroom viewMaputo's Torres Vermelhas, military housing of the 70s we were told.Avenida 25 de Setembro, MaputoMan in the street, shortly before a 1hr citywide blackoutLate afternoon Autumn lightBaby lizard on capoeira trousers.Baby lizard on capoeira trousersNo thief will ever check your oven. But won't you forget to?Maputo, view from the ferryMozambican 'interpretation' of a Børge Mogensen chair seen through a mirror made by Nicaraguan women carpentersThat cat on the tin roof againTwo of the president's pavoes. Surprisingly noisy and uninteresting animals.Festa da Associação dos Músicos MoçambicanosMozambique-Nigeria: 0-0. With 2 disapproved goals of the Mamba's, the Eagles got thrashed in the press.Sailing class at the Clube Navala jointly Irish-Mozambican celebrated St Patrick's dayUnloading the drinkPosing on my Hero Jet. He hopper-ed off before I could teach him another trick. Sitting at the kitchen windowCat on a not so hot tin roof Guga and her 7 pups, all sold off at 4 weeks for drinking money.A dow on the estuary near Maputo cityCats at the gateA lazy 'Dia dos Heróis Moçambicanos' in Katembe, right bank, peaking at 41°CMy first home made matapa (cassava leaves) + furniture appearing in the living roomBedroom terrace viewTill the last dropHappy New Year from Maputo, MozambiqueFollowing the Irish guy in the black MX5  to the Christmas BBQ
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