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A pipe it is - Ceci est une pipeEl estrechoParque Natural de la Sierra de GrazalemaMurena en la playaBolonia burroDog on roofEl mirador del EstrechoSunset near Tarifabolonia.jpgSunset near TarifaCat near el mirador del EstrechoEnjoying their restricted freedomMy little mobile house on the prairieAgp Malaga Airport, under construction foreverAgp Malaga AirportChapusaAnts on a MangoSunset near Tarifabolonia-terneras.jpgbolonia-atardecer.jpgReady to Eat IndividualBeing  Sprayed by a PlaneView of the rented vanTarifa's urbanisation spreading like an oil patch. Cachorros or puppies, born on the roadRain in the hills on the N340 to Algeciras.AlgecirasHurricane Hotel Tarifatarifa dogBolonia vaca retintaCat in Conil-de-la-fronteraAparcamiento vigiladoalgecirasalgeciras catalgeciras harbouralgecirasCow meetingThey didn't like the cow gatheringscratcherscratcherCleaning up the very big fish. 14meters and 20 tons. Very big very dead fish. Balaenoptera physalus, ballena rorcual or fin whale died in BoloniaCutting up the very big fish: 14meters and 20 tons. Very big very dead fish. Balaenoptera physalus, ballena rorcual or fin whale died in BoloniaVery big very dead fish. Balaenoptera physalus, ballena rorcual or fin whale died in the bay of Bolonia.Lightning at nightFun at nightIn town at  nightIn town at nightWaking upThe occasional windsurfing daysuenosbolonia-playabolonia-playasunset-dos-mares.jpgDog above the polleriasunset-dos-maresmanolo-el-caracol.jpgbolonia vacas bella-vista-bolonia.jpgUp in the hillscaracoles snailsbreakfast friend flecha and her 8 puppies born last nightWaking up  in La PeñaCurious Pata Negra pigsCows in the sunsethacienda-buena-suerte-potrohacienda buena suerte villamartinnemo-landroverThe things you see inside different people's homes.zimbabwe-statue, The things you see inside different people's homeslampara.jpgalto de velefiquealto de velefiquetabernas-perro-3.jpgstay clean after a night in a two-seatertabernas-perro.jpgTabernas Dogvelefiquesunsetpeanut-antcachorro-muerdereal men lighting a bbqMorocco through a looking glasstanger through looking glasstanger through looking glassWalking half of a Hobie 16 into the house... and back outsurfer-sunset.jpgatlantic day in juneDogs on top of the hillDogs on top of the hilltarifa jbel-musaEverybody must get stoned, on a beach like thissaltamontes-arana.jpgstaring-at-the-sunclouds.jpghelicopter-sunsetseagull.jpggafasplaya-tarifa.jpgsunset-dogs.jpg7 abandoned puppiesdesayuna-2.jpgdesayuna.jpgbolonia-playa-sillasfirst steps out in the real world mx5-estrechobolonia-pano-wideA (Ger)man living his dream: working on 50 year old big machines such as tractors and army trucks. A (Ger)man living his dream: working on 50 year old big machines such as tractors and army trucks. tarifa-entradafeeding the pupThe road to Bolonia.bolonia-perrobolonia-vaca.jpgbolonia-cavallos.jpgPepito the castrated German dog Designing the backgroundmiguel the surgeon with a cattarifa-veterinariotarifa-veterinariocachorroetiquetas from a postcardBelow, a German surfer's dog, a male without balls called Pepito.vacassunset over the strait of gibraltarnew ownerblack cat.jpgvaca.jpggateestrechonight-of-the-huntercasa-miaprimavera.jpgatardecernarcissus in novemberDon't lock this dog alone inside the kitchenPistaches, she opens them to eat them.letterboxWater at the front doorsan-bartoloarte rupestre forged thoThe vet's dog, a stubborn untrained bitch called Bellota. Anchors used for tuna fishingDogs on the beachTarifa gatoTwo stallionsLiving among the horsesSocial organisationnudo-andaluzbasuralas-dunas las-dunas100desayunarainbowmoscas-follandomoscas-follandomoscas-follandobichobichopunta-paloma-vistapunta-paloma-vistaplayaperraperrazapatoestrecho Sun on the day of the dead.perrahierba.jpghierbaperraperra5Andalucian cat with balls, respected by dogssnake-of-junecamaronsnowballplaya-valdevaqueroscloudhorse and dog play with spongecentipedecentipedeestrechobicholynch-partywispashormiganochehormigasbichos.jpgperrariobarrabarràperrabeach-branchesbeach-nailsnemobird-catchingMy first bourrequeteperros.jpgrio-del-valleferia-tarifa-ganaderiaatardeceremperador3-sargoslas-dunasflechawalter-benjaminThis days siestaandalucia-roadfrance-roadHill on the road between Vejer and Medina SidoniaHill on the road between Vejer and Medina SidoniaWind millscarretera_andaluzacarretera_andaluzahillhillhillwordplaycanos_de_mecanew_management at the stablesroad to Barbatecabraour backyardcarhappy EasterHappy Easterflowery roadhormigaarbolesflorpoint_break with jbel musa in the backgroundperro_tarifaThe one bull that got a pardonatardecer_cocheflorboloniasaturada en la semana santavaca_dunastarifa_vista_africaThe arrival of the caravanflorperro_tarifapotrocielocielo2.jpgatardecer.estrecho with jbel musa in the backgroundfrohliche_wissenschaft.jpgRat in the kitchenRat in the kitchenRat in the kitchenrata2.jpgbichorata_compilperro_playaaudrey drawing in the car on a rainy day in Springcarreteramaria_furgonIn the end he got sold to a big London woman living nearbyHe got sold to a Brussels girl more than a year latercamarontransporter-mirrorperro_barcacircleCN340cepsa_tarifa.jpgjbel musacamino.jpgmoonaire.jpgpregnant dogperra.jpglisa5sargooffice.jpgnuna.jpgoffice2.jpganda_carac.jpgtower.jpgtowergone.jpgestacion.jpgHigh on the freewaywindow frost in the North of Spainpastor.jpgnavaja.jpgautovia.jpglooking to capture the voideuskadi.jpgdia.jpglisa_sarg.jpgpollo.jpgpollo_nemo.jpg2 dogs and a roasting chickenblack stallionmask.jpgnuna after her sterilisationnuna_after2.jpgF1000024caball.jpgmieren2.jpghome made chipsrata.jpgap7.jpgF1000035gas.jpgrunning machineperro2.jpgzahara.jpgwashing line near the riverjeans on a wirejbel musa across the strait of gibraltarsierra.jpgsierra2.jpgbuild.jpgmalaga gay beach cruising areagay beachhymer.jpgstealing the horses' bread miguel the surgeon sterilizing Nunapastoragua.jpgnuna.jpgjbel musa across the strait of gibraltar and the ship from Alatristefinca el maestrofinca el maestroone eyed horsebugdig around.abuse.jpghorse shitazul.jpgsunset.jpgever moving duneguardia.jpgguardia2.jpgtemptation.jpgtemptation2.jpgneuro_tic.jpgvultures in la Peñarooster.jpgvulture_fly.jpga visitor during my siestatexaco chickenF1000012vaca.jpgsiestaanis2.jpginterior designluna.jpgzapata.jpgzapata_th.jpgfreir.jpgmosquitomuerte.jpgtwo dung beetles and piece of hamdung beetleThose pigs look so content, they almost make me forget about the horrible way they get transported to be slaughtered.mosquitoviviendo.jpgatun.jpgblue.jpgsiesta among the cowsdigging.jpgwasteland in townmirror.jpgopen air toiletspring flowers sevilla.jpgbodyboarding tarifabodyboarding in tarifa in late winterbedroom.jpgstallion.jpggasolinera_perro.jpgrepsolcamaronbeach rideperrosanlu_couplecamaron_dentro.jpgsanlucar camaronsanluca_working.jpgday of the immaculate conceptionsanl_work.jpgsanlucarantonio_covarsiantonio_covarsicordobacity dogmaltrato abusecordoba_riodesayunosevilla2.jpghostal.jpgnemo_dentrosevilla.jpgthey were supposed to save me...bombero02.jpgferal dogs in the abandoned village of Sancti Petriperros bravas, feral dogs in the abandoned village of Sancti Petriferal dogs in the abandoned village of Sancti Petrigracias por su visitamundocavalguardia3.jpgatard_post.jpgnora.jpgnora_beach.jpgnora_bellotaa horseman's vanmine and its swedisch owned gasoline twindoradaburro.jpgvacas.jpgturkey.jpgfernanditofernanditofernandito2.jpgsombra.jpgsan fernando Cadizjbel musa across the strait of gibraltarsun.jpghundes.jpgforeigners looking to buy a fincait is better to be blondalazano_rodeo.jpgvisiting Cortijo El Rodeo nearby Chiclana de la Frontera2 brothers working - Cortijo El Rodeo nearby Chiclana de la Frontera2 brothers working - Cortijo El Rodeo nearby Chiclana de la Fronteracompany.jpggetting water at the sourcecenanightly id-control by the guardia civiljos40 km East of Malagamoronvillage.jpgpraying mantiss in toiletterneras_playaperro_mar800.jpgvaca_playa800.jpgperro_calleguardia
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