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At the Belgian coastKellyanne Conway and her Bowling Green Massacre: the horror, of fiction cited as fact.Donald Trump's Manhattan apartment, with its gold-plated angelsBirthday preparations in the dry seasonBaobabs near SalimaMountain road to LivingstoniaBathroom view on Lake Malawi from Mushroom farmRoad to MzuzuWindsurfing an inflatable SUP with DIY mast-foot mount on Lake Malawi, it had to be doneNobel Peace Prize Winner and US President Barak Obama's selective tearsA high carbon flying holiday to encourage people supporting independent environmental journalism?  back to bladesmithing school at Heavin Forge, Emakhazeni, South-AfricaSeal at Brittas Bay"… and every chance to act out those castaway fantasies (the famous ‘Bounty’ chocolate ads were filmed here)." British Airways website. Sunday at the beachClimate change: Is de-growth really inconceivable within our current system?   The garden is green at the end of the rainy seasonStranded butterfly in the garden.Fighting mold in the rainy seasonView from Spur View Estate, off Spur Road, onto Lumley BayVultures feasting on a nest of flying ants in the gardenCurrent day Country Cloth or Gbali, woven in Kenema from -reportedly- locally produced cotton thread.View from Spur View Estate, off Spur RoadTree pruning around Spur RoadRaptors feasting on an outbreak of flying antsGoats roaming NgorFerry to ngor islandCows on Ngor peninsulaTruck in NgorFairly healthy cart horses in Ngor villagePort Pepel, 11 km upriver from Freetown, seen from Bunce Island, looking to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vehicle Carrier CSSC Tianjin, in the natural port of Freetown. insectour africanis-gsd mix at 4 years, adapting well to the change from subtropical to tropical, view on Tokeh beachthe peninsular highway in the dry season, under construction by a Senegalese company who isn't really up to the job, so we heara 'bigger' day at Burreh beach, the best known surf break on the Freetown peninsula, at 1 to 1,5m not with its cleanest facesHill Cot Road in the rainy seasonPademba Road in the rainy seasonGarden view in the rainy season Instructions at railway crossing in WicklowThe salt flats of the Matola river, the white dots in the background are flamingoesMozambican sculptor Pekiwa works with recycled historical wood -doors, railway sleepers, boats- in Matola near the salt flats of the Rio MatolaMozambican sculptor Pekiwa transforms historical wood -doors, railway sleepers, boats- in Matola near the salt flats of the Rio MatolaDaily dog frisbee with africanis-gsd mixDaily dog frisbee with africanis-gsd mixPancho Guedes house, SommerschieldPancho Guedes house, staircase,  SommerschieldPancho Guedes house, PolanaGSD africanis mix has spring26kg GSD africanis mix has springMaputo's marginal at sunsetWhat looks like a serious oil spill from the past, some 50-70km north of MaputoAbout 10 seconds before this fast moving thunderstorm hit us with more wind and noise than rain.Leaf shaped camper in Bohler N690 about to be quenched by Master Smith Kevin Harvey at Heavinforge, Emakhazeni. The late Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar Gaddafi's golden gun, a High Power MKIII made in Belgium. Picture by Harald Doornbos.Bugs matingAdvanced dog frisbee on the beachMeeting the local dogs on the beachCaught inside, a frog or toad? They eat mosquitoes and cockroaches -I've seen it- and the dog leaves them alone, so it's all good.A sweet overweight rottweiler, often mimicking a pig or hippoJack Russel meets AfricanisAfricanis on a farm Walking cat and dogCabbage farmThe hole-digging-poo-burrying cat that comes on a walk with youSunset Cabbage farmEcarte jazz in the garden of the Natural History Museum/Museu de História Natural. The band on its way to the stage.EcArte jazz: young jazzcats in the garden of the Natural History Museum/Museu de História Natural, with its colonial style taxidermist violence.Dog frisbee with africanis-gsd mixWing from the Airbus A340-600Springer Spaniel in Glendalough upper lake, Co WicklowGlendalough Co Wicklow  Monastic settlements in Glacial ValleyCar in Mafurreira, Cape Mahogany wood, Trichilia emeticaRattler fish in Mafurreira, Natal Mahogany wood, Trichilia emeticaMoticoma playing at the Associaçao dos Musicos Moçambicanos in MaputoThe opening act for Moticoma during their impressive set at the Associaçao dos Musicos Moçambicanos in MaputoGsd-africanis mix at 22 months, hunting for fishStrychnos spinosa lam or Spiny monkey-orange tree in Maputo Special Reserve. Spot the 2 sleepy hippopotamus in the Lago MaundeThe joy of meeting a generous and passionate cook while bushcamping in the Maputo Special Reserve: grilled tuna with wasabiApples and oranges? GF2 with 14mm Lumix vs Contax RTS body. 5D mkI with 50mm Planar vs GF2 with 28mm DistagonPC Harwood just after pushing Ian Tomlinson in the back during G20 protests in London in April 2009Luis Mondlane, judge presiding the Mozambican Constitutional Council, good for 250.000$ in 'personal' costs in 2010.Avenida Kenneth Kaunda, near the U.S. Embassy 1.000.000 visitorsAfricanis GSD mix at 19 monthsAfricanis GSD mix at 19 monthsMorning light in the garden with a grass eating dog in the backgroundWe, the privileged, just have to steer around some serious potholes and pay double (60 dollarcent) for a coconut.The 'waste land' next to the Game supermarket, home of the Automóvel & Touring Clube de Maputo, with a carting and offroad track.Africanis-GSD mix, 18 months old, going through her most rebellious period yet.New Year's Day in TofuNew Year's day in TofuSick palmtreeGSD-Africanis mix at 18 months. King of the HillMy Dog Tulip is a real dog movie, one that attracts attention from a dog that normally doesn't care for movies.Flowers for lunchJody McIntyre, who participated in the protests against the tuition fees, while being 'interrogated' by BBC's Ben BrownThe gunsight of a US helicopter in New Baghdad, Iraq, eager to open fire on a van -with 2 children inside- trying to evacuate wounded.Top Gear Apocalypse: "We were stupid, yeah of course we were, we destroyed the planet. But we had our good points as well, we were fun"GSD-africanis mix, 18 months oldToo much rain for Rua dos Cajueiros in Bairro TriunfoJohn Hawkes in Winter's Bone, a stunning second feature from Debra Granik, about survival really.Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone, a stunning second feature from Debra Granik, about survival really.Hand-pollinating the pumpkin/squash and the carbon neutrality of cruelty against animals.4m worth of Chamfuti, Afzelia Quanzensis, Pod Mahogany, rhodesian mahogany; for a garden table or two, and a salon tableLoading of the ferry Maputo-KatembeYet another November thunderstorm to keep the grass growingAfricanis gsd mix looking up the coolest spot during the heat before the rain.Daily dog frisbee sea swimming'Muito mal', is what locals call a moderately windy day in Maputo bay. Gsd-africanis mix at 14 months sleeping in the sun.Vodacom Group confirmed receiving instructions to close down sms-services during the popular protests early September.'The Price of Arrogance' is how independent weekly Savanna designated the popular protest of September 1st and 2ndFuchsia check-in  panic at OR Tambo airport,  JohannesburgMan picking up glass bottles early Sunday morning on av NyererePresident Armando Emilio Guebuza with suspected heroin trafficker Mohamed Bashir Suleman, photo (2007) on display in Maputo ShoppingWinter light in Southern Mozambique. Straight from my shitty ixus850. As good as crappy digital gets.Maputo bay, winter light around middayThe 3-legged father and one of his many offspringMaputo's Marginal with the Clube Naval and the Polana hotel on the hill, scale model from 1934Macaneta peninsula, 11 month old africanis-gsd bitch on top, a friendly local male below.Dog beach frisbee on a drizzling Sunday morning 10 month old GSD-Africanis pup eating eggSunrise on Xefina islandTradition badly fitted with a uniform. The 'régulos'  are wise men who mediate, e.g. between the community and the ancestors.Road from Alto Molocué to the EN08.People having jumped aside for the speeding NGO landcruiser to be sprayed with dust. A driving protol anyone?The road from Lichinga to Cuamba, in the South of Niassa provinceLichinga outskirts at the end of the rainy season.On the Shosholoza Meyl sleeper from Cape Town to Johannesburg, a relaxed 26hr train ride.Private security guard with handgun and body armour performing an ID check on what appears to be a beach resident, Llandudno surf spotThe South-African penguins or Black-footed Penguins near Boulders Beach, Western Cape"South-African prisoners, otherwise known as home owners" (Ndumiso Ngcobo) Summerset West, Western CapeDom Orione, centre for disabled children in Benfica just outside Maputo, run by an Italian priest8 months old africanis-gsd mix, favourite resting position2 male rino's, Kruger National Park near Crocodile Bridge GateDrought causing crops to fail, threatening 750.000 families in 61 of the 128 districts. Beheaded young puff adder -bitis ariens, Southern Africa's most dangerous.Keeping the happy pigs cool. Animal Husbandry project 'Novo Destino' in Mavulula near Chissibuca, Inhambane ProvinceSunrise at Morrungulo beach, 20 km from Massinga.6 months old africanis-gsd mix after a day in the hillsevening light on Penha Longa, Manica Provinceahm, red flower in Eucalyptus forrest, Penha Longa, Manica provinceLake Chicamba in Manica ProvinceSunrise at Lake Chicamba in Manica ProvinceRock paintings near Chikukwa, Chimanimani Natural Reserve, Manica province.Angry chameleonFrelimo party now oficially holds 191/250 parliamentary seats, a comfortable 2/3rd 5 year stranglehold on Mozambique and its constitution. Waiting for the Marracuene ferry over the Incomati or Komati.Case tractor digger, Macanetastray africanis & GSD pup, 21 weeks oldAcanthocecerus, aka Southern Tree Agama, aka Bloukop koggelmander, is my guess. Praying in Maputo BayTraditional (fishing) boats or dows delivering straight into the (informal?) fish marketEN101 Tofo-InhambaneSurfer riding a tube at Tofinho point.The end of our chapa to Inhambane, stopping every hour to cool the overheating engine. Half of the passengers had to switch to another one.The pre-departure sales around our chapa to Inhambane at the Junta bus stop. Departure: 'when full', c.q. 2.5 hours after my arrival.Vota Frelimo. One day before the presidential and provincial elections in Mozambique.Along Maputo's MarginalAfricanis / gsd mix, 17 weeksModelos recentesMaputo estuary at sunsetRua 1005, says gmaps. Dog walking between Tamarind and Monkey Apple trees"Power corrupts  the strongest governor", Samora Machel, 1st president of Mozambique till he got  'planecrashed'. Closest 'beach' to home, strong low tides only. White dog, white bakkie. Boerboel bullmastiff mix7.5kg alsatian-africanis pup and a 70kg boerboel-bullmastiff crossQuissico. Crazy Coconut's L. cooks excellent 'Fish cakes with pumpkin leaves' by petroleum light.  Info: Quissiko beach. Fishing in bad ass shore break.Quissiko Lake, birdwatchers' playground.Quissico. Coconut trees co-owned by the Afrikaner who runs the 'Crazy Coconut' 4X4 bush campsite & bar. Sunday: ameijoas na praiaJust to show we do have an occasional grey day. Maputo estuary, Katembe.stray africanis & GSD pup, 12 weeks oldstray africanis & GSD pup, 12 weeks old Manhiça on the EN1, some 50km North of MaputoChinese run road works on the EN1 between Xai Xai and ChidengueleChidenguele beachChidenguele beach, 4 hrs North of Maputo, great whale watching spotstray africanis & GSD pup, 11 weeks oldAvenida Julius NyerereRoadside litter from the modern city. Viagra, ultimate sp4m.stray africanis & GSD pup, 10 weeks oldstray africanis & GSD pup, 9 weeks oldOur favourite Sunday hangout till the cook leftMaputo estuary, view on Catembestray africanis & GSD pup, 9 weeks oldstray africanis & GSD pup, 8 weeks old, first time on the beachstray africanis & GSD pup, 7 weeks old, no name yetAfricanis mother with GSD mixed pupsMliwane Game Park, sunriseMliwane Game Park, Nyala -tragelaphus angasi- with fawnMliwane Game Park, early morning lightBushfire 2009, Vusi Mahlasela bringing on the smile, with Habib Koite and Dobet Gnahoré'the dam' in Mliwane Game Park at sunsetMliwane Game Park, sunsetBushfire 2009 José Mucavele from MozambiqueBushfire 2009 Bhunya Bombers from Swazilandafricanis & stray GSD cross, 5 weeks old pups in their transport crateafricanis & stray GSD cross, 5 weeks old pupsafricanis & stray alsatian pups, 5 weeks old. Their mother will die from a panic sticking her head through like this, half a year later. africanis & stray GSD pup, 5 weeks old, from a litter of 9The presidential peacocks, election fever in the backyardSimplify your destinyMaputo skylineMaputo skylineOvernight wait for tyre repair. Salamanga Zitundu road, Maputo Province.Ponta d'Ouro Beach DogPonta d'Ouro Beach DogPonta d'Ouro Beach DogPonta d'Ouro Beach DogMaputo Bay in Winter lightPuppy alert II. The neighbourhood bitch with 9.German Shepherd beaten lame 10 years ago, adopted by the neighbourhood,  notorious shagger and dog killerMural by Malangatana Ngwenya, garden of Museu da Historia NaturalMural by Malangatana Ngwenya, garden of Museu da Historia NaturalColonial ethnography, Museu da Historia NaturalDeadly encounters in Europe's 'Savage Africa'. Museu da Historia NaturalHyena in Europe's 'Savage Africa'. Museu da Historia NaturalEurope's 'Savage Africa'. Museu da Historia NaturalLion killing lion in Europe's 'Savage Africa'. Museu da Historia Natural Elephant embryo, museu da historia natural maputoPrédio Abreu Santos e Rocha by Pancho  GuedesPrédio Abreu Santos e Rocha, Prédio Spence e Lemos by Pancho Guedesbank by Pancho Guedes, Maputoby Pancho GuedesPrédio Jossub (?) by Pancho GuedesCasas para Coop: garden wall by Pancho GuedesCasa para Coop by Pancho GuedesBy Pancho GuedesRua Patrice LumumbaAvenida da Guerra Popular Avenida da Guerra PopularAvenida 24 de JulhoMuseu with 24 de JulhoView on the Baixa from the Cardoso roundaboutAt the Ressano Garcia border post between Mozambique-RSANelspruit Riverside crossroad. It's Winter!Nelspruit road in RiversidePancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house, SommerschieldPancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house,Pancho Guedes house, CoopPancho Guedes house, PolanaPancho Guedes house, PolanaPancho Guedes 'bakery',N4 Nelspruit KomatipoortMaputo Polana cimento North-WestMaputo Polana cimento North-East Maputo Polana cimento South-EastBoerboel bullmastiff mixEarly morning fish marketSunrise, what nearly became our daily bedroom viewearly morning terrace viewYet another president editing the war. Compare:'s Torres Vermelhas, military housing of the 70s we were told.Avenida 25 de Setembro, MaputoMan in the street, shortly before a 1hr citywide blackoutLate afternoon Autumn lightBaby lizard on capoeira trousers.Baby lizard on capoeira trousersNo thief will ever check your oven. But won't you forget to?Sunset on the road to Boane, avoiding the Maputo ferry.Sunrise at Ponta D'Ouro bay, terrace view. Surf's up at 6h30!The road to Ponta D'ouro, the easy part of it.Maputo, view from the ferryFesta da Associação dos Músicos MoçambicanosMozambican 'interpretation' of a Børge Mogensen chair seen through a mirror made by Nicaraguan women carpentersThat cat on the tin roof againTwo of the president's pavoes. Surprisingly noisy and uninteresting animals.Festa da Associação dos Músicos MoçambicanosFesta da Associação dos Músicos MoçambicanosFesta da Associação dos Músicos MoçambicanosMozambique-Nigeria: 0-0. With 2 disapproved goals of the Mamba's, the Eagles got thrashed in the press.Sailing class at the Clube Navala jointly Irish-Mozambican celebrated St Patrick's dayUnloading the drinkPosing on my Hero Jet. He hopper-ed off before I could teach him another trick. Sitting at the kitchen windowCat on a not so hot tin roof Guga and her 7 pups, all sold off at 4 weeks for drinking money.A dow on the estuary near Maputo cityCats at the gateA lazy 'Dia dos Heróis Moçambicanos' in Katembe, right bank, peaking at 41°CMy first home made matapa (cassava leaves) + furniture appearing in the living roomBedroom terrace viewLiving roomTill the last dropHappy New Year from Maputo, MozambiqueFollowing the Irish guy in the black MX5  to the Christmas BBQA pipe it is - Ceci est une pipeEl estrechoParque Natural de la Sierra de GrazalemaMurena en la playaBolonia burroWoods, not a bad swimmer for a lame dogCape Clear IslandCape Clear IslandSupperMillie in the gardenMy neighbour from  6 stories down blowing bubblesDigital SkyThe end of my MX5 at 170.000km: a Hit and Run. Local police was too busy being racist and watching tennis to be of any use, I had to track the bastardRainFleet Foxes Botanique BrusselsFleet Foxes Botanique BrusselsFleet Foxes Botanique BrusselsFleet Foxes Botanique BrusselsFleet Foxes Botanique BrusselsFleet Foxes Botanique BrusselsThe Ruby Suns Botanique BrusselsThe Ruby Suns Botanique BrusselsThe Ruby Suns Botanique BrusselsThe Ruby Suns Botanique BrusselsMy terraceAir traffic above BrusselsRudi's CatAtomium sunsetBruxelles Centralmaking the best of city lifeLola & LauraAfternoon on the beachLucy through door cameraBarbary Ground Squirrels at El CotilloSouth of La ParedLa Pared, Fuerteventurasuicide break near Tindayanear Tindayanear Tindayanear TindayaNear TindayaLola, perra CanariaSchaerbeek GareKill televisionFriend Rudicuban-snow-womanField near Overijseschaarbeek-sunsetschaarbeek-sunsetschaarbeek-sunsetschaarbeek rainbowschaarbeek rainbowcimetiere-everen-2.jpgcimetiere-everencimetiere-everen-3.jpgin-the-middle-of-the-roadKeyboard wreckertrain-plane.jpgtrain-planetrain-plane-4.jpgtrain-plane-3.jpgmeribel-lever-de-soleilWicklow GapSpaniels, happy hunting dogs on Christmas Day. Mother and daughter.dying birdraversele camping oostende-gate.jpgoostende-sufers-2.jpgOostende surfers  in DecemberThe  Royal Africa Museum worries about its charmThe  Royal Africa Museum worries about its charmDog on roofSvp aiederThe National touring on The Boxer in AB BrusselsThe National touring on The Boxer in AB BrusselsVlag te kopenNoisy leaves blowing in Josaphat Park The N135, the slow road to FranceThe N135, the slow road to Franceroos.jpgSomewhere on the Autovía del SurSomewhere on the Autovía del SurSomewhere on the Autovía del SurEl mirador del EstrechoSunset near Tarifabolonia.jpgSunset near TarifaCat near el mirador del EstrechoEnjoying their restricted freedomMy little mobile house on the prairieatomiumAgp Malaga Airport, under construction foreverAgp Malaga AirportChapusaAnts on a MangoSunset near Tarifabolonia-terneras.jpgbolonia-atardecer.jpgReady to Eat IndividualBeing  Sprayed by a PlaneView of the rented vanTarifa's urbanisation spreading like an oil patch. Cachorros or puppies, born on the roadRain in the hills on the N340 to Algeciras.AlgecirasHurricane Hotel Tarifatarifa dogBolonia vaca retintaCat in Conil-de-la-fronteraAparcamiento vigiladoalgecirasalgeciras catalgeciras harbouralgecirasCow meetingThey didn't like the cow gatheringbelgium for salescratcherscratcherCleaning up the very big fish. 14meters and 20 tons. Very big very dead fish. Balaenoptera physalus, ballena rorcual or fin whale died in BoloniaCutting up the very big fish: 14meters and 20 tons. Very big very dead fish. Balaenoptera physalus, ballena rorcual or fin whale died in BoloniaVery big very dead fish. Balaenoptera physalus, ballena rorcual or fin whale died in the bay of Bolonia.Lightning at nightFun at nightIn town at  nightIn town at nightWaking upThe occasional windsurfing daysuenosbolonia-playabolonia-playasunset-dos-mares.jpgnight-train.jpgDog above the polleriasunset-dos-maresmanolo-el-caracol.jpgbolonia vacas bella-vista-bolonia.jpgUp in the hillscaracoles snailsbreakfast friend flecha and her 8 puppies born last nightWaking up  in La PeñaCurious Pata Negra pigsCows in the sunsethacienda-buena-suerte-potrohacienda buena suerte villamartinnemo-landroversunset-van.jpgschaarbeek-elisabeth.jpgCross Orbweaver (Araneus diadematus), European garden spider, diadem spider in hardware storesunsetschuhe-schuld.jpgoffice-gardenwasp-jeanswasp-jeans.jpgRoyal Africa Museum Tervuren - a barely disguised tribute to colonialismRoyal Africa Museum Tervuren - a barely disguised tribute to colonialismRoyal Africa Museum Tervuren - a barely disguised tribute to colonialismRoyal Africa Museum Tervuren - a barely disguised tribute to colonialismwasp-windowentre-deux-capslucyentre-deux-capsconvergencemarck.jpgentre-deux-capsus-paint2.jpgus-paint.jpgpeer-gyntnight-trainhooverphonic-suikerrocksteven isolde suikerrockschaarbeek-garemeyserburkaschaarbeek-feuschaarbeek-gareschaarbeek-gare-feucrashed-beecats.jpgcheese-eating-cat.jpgyoghourt-eating-cat.jpgsint-niklaastreurwilganderlecht-crossroad.jpgbicycle-thief.jpgbicycle-thieves in action in front of my cameracat-window.jpgschaarbeek-garecontrolled by guardia-civilmadrid-carretera-burgos.jpgmadrid-carretera-burgos-2.jpgmadrid traffic jam ferrari25km.jpgcar crashThe things you see inside different people's homes.zimbabwe-statue, The things you see inside different people's homeschema madozpicasso's guernica at Reina Sofia museumle-corbusiermadrid-skyline.jpgpaseo-del-pradopatinir.jpglampara.jpgmadrid-skyline-2.jpgan abandoned farm on the autovia de andalucia at km-186, near Manzanares an abandoned farm on the autovia de andalucia at km-186, near Manzanares an abandoned farm on the autovia de andalucia at km-186, near Manzanares 186-first-low.jpgalto de velefiquealto de velefiquetabernas-perro-3.jpgstay clean after a night in a two-seatertabernas-perro.jpgTabernas Dogvelefiquesunsetpeanut-antcachorro-muerdereal men lighting a bbqMorocco through a looking glasstanger through looking glasstanger through looking glassWalking half of a Hobie 16 into the house... and back outsurfer-sunset.jpgatlantic day in juneDogs on top of the hillDogs on top of the hilltarifa jbel-musaEverybody must get stoned, on a beach like thissaltamontes-arana.jpgstaring-at-the-sunclouds.jpghelicopter-sunsetseagull.jpgfeet.jpggafasplaya-tarifa.jpgsunset-dogs.jpg7 abandoned puppiesdesayuna-2.jpgdesayuna.jpgbolonia-playa-sillasfirst steps out in the real world mx5-estrechobolonia-pano-wideA (Ger)man living his dream: working on 50 year old big machines such as tractors and army trucks. A (Ger)man living his dream: working on 50 year old big machines such as tractors and army trucks. tarifa-entradafeeding the pupThe road to Bolonia.bolonia-perrobolonia-vaca.jpgbolonia-cavallos.jpgPepito the castrated German dog Designing the backgroundmiguel the surgeon with a cattarifa-veterinariotarifa-veterinariocachorroetiquetas from a postcardSchaarbeek gareSchaarbeek gareaxelle red concert la cigale ParisJeff anderson n concert with axelle red la cigale ParisJeff Anderson backstage, touring with axelle red la cigale Parisaxelle red concert la cigale Parisjosé axelle-red-cigale parissteve potts in concert with axelle red, la cigale parissteve potts and Jeff anderson in concert with axelle red, la cigale parisaxelle red backstage la cigale parismichael toles backstage, on tour  with axelle red, la cigale parisspain-roadtrip-000026.jpgconcert  axelle red, la cigale parisJeff Anderson backstage on tour with axelle red, la cigale parisaxelle red la cigale with Lester Snelaxelle red concert cigale parisaxelle red concert cigale parisprobably N630probably N630Entre Bordeaux et Limoges.Delhaize Boom.Delhaize Boom.Below, a German surfer's dog, a male without balls called Pepito.A colt soon to be castrated: 'muy chico'A colt soon to be castratedvacassunset over the strait of gibraltarme estrechonew ownerblack cat.jpgvaca.jpggateestrechonight-of-the-huntercasa-miaprimavera.jpgatardecernarcissus in novemberDon't lock this dog alone inside the kitchenPistaches, she opens them to eat them.letterboxWater at the front doorsan-bartoloarte rupestre forged thoThe vet's dog, a stubborn untrained bitch called Bellota. Anchors used for tuna fishingDogs on the beachMare and stallionTarifa gatoTwo stallionsLiving among the horsesSocial organisationnudo-andaluzbasuralas-dunas las-dunas100desayunarainbowmoscas-follandomoscas-follandomoscas-follandobichobichopunta-paloma-vistapunta-paloma-vistaplayaperraperrazapatoestrecho Sun on the day of the dead.perrahierba.jpghierbaperraperra5Andalucian cat with balls, respected by dogssnake-of-junecamaronsnowballplaya-valdevaqueroscloudhorse and dog play with spongecentipedecentipedeestrechobicholynch-partysun in mirrorwispashormiganochehormigasbichos.jpgperrariobarrabarràperrabeach-branchesbeach-nailsnemobird-catchingMy first bourrequeteperros.jpgrio-del-valleferia-tarifa-ganaderiaatardeceremperador3-sargoslas-dunasflechawalter-benjaminThis days siestaandalucia-roadspain-nightfrance-roadc54-2-18-dranouter-pepe.jpgc54-2-19-dranouter-carlos.jpgc54-2-20-dranouter-victor.jpgc54-2-21-dranouter-victor-p.jpgc54-2-22-dranouter-victor-p.jpgc54-2-25-dranouter-carlos.jpgc54-2-26-dranouter-juanc.jpgc54-2-28-dranouter-miguel.jpgc54-2-4-dranouter-alv-vict.jpgc54-2-5-dranouter-alv-carl.jpgc54-2-6-dranouter-victor.jpgl4-14-dranouter-david.jpgl4-16-dranouter-victor-toni.jpgl4-17-dranouter-baila.jpgnhp54-dra-36-victor3.jpgnhp54-pu2-dra-cinco.jpgmiguel juan carlos Elbichoseis_3A_0041.jpgporro_2A_0040.jpgl4-11-esperanzah-david-guit.jpgMiguel Campello de elbicho - Esperanzah!c54-1-10-esperanzah-david.jpgc54-1-12-esperanzah-miguel.jpgc54-1-13-esperanzah-miguel.jpgc54-1-2-esperanzah-toni.jpgc54-1-3-esperanzah-miguel.jpgc54-1-4-esperanzah-miguel.jpgc54-1-5-esperanzah-car-pe-j.jpgc54-1-6-esperanzah-miguel-v.jpgc54-1-7-esperanzah-miguel-v.jpgc54-1-9-esperanzah-javier.jpgc54-2-12-dranouter-miguel.jpgelbicho2.jpgesperanzah-miguel-tony.jpgl4-03-esperanzah-victor-pal.jpgl4-04-esperanzah-miguel-jua.jpgl4-09-esperanzah-david-vict.jpgl4-10-esperanzah-miguel-bat.jpgl4-12-esperanzah-guitarra.jpgl4-13-esperanzah-miguel-alv.jpgn4-10-esperanzah-alvaro.jpgn4-13-esperanzah-miguel.jpgn4-18-esperanzah-victor.jpgn4-6-esperanzah-miguel-tony.jpgn4-8-esperanzah-miguel-tony.jpgn4-9-esperanzah-david-linec.jpg Elbicho esperanzah miguelnhp-1-04-esperanzah-miguel.jpgnhp-1-05-esperanzah-david.jpgnhp-1-09-esperanzah-victor.jpgElbicho esperanzah toninhp-1-14-esperanzah-miguel-.jpgnhp-1-15-esperanzah-carlos-.jpgnhp-1-16-esperanzah-javier-.jpgnhp-1-17-esperanzah-pepe.jpgnhp-1-18-esperanzah-juanc.jpgnhp-1-19-esperanzah-victor.jpgnhp-1-20-esperanzah-miguel.jpgnhp54-dra-33-victor3.jpgc54-1-11-esperanzah-miguel.jpgbruxelles_schuman.jpgrue_de_la_loi.jpgbrussels_windowBrussels real estate 'professionals', a bunch of coke addicts and idiots, not bothered by ethicsbrussels_skyparmentier.jpgst-gilliswouter_windowCity trees are numbered.wasserette_bxltunnel surfacing in the middle of the Park du Cinquentenairefalluspinkstreet.jpgbroken_glass launderettewandering in Springpont_millaucat_lizard.jpgcat_lizard2.jpgcat_lizard3.jpgpig at pig farm in the Pyreneespiglet at pig farm in the Pyreneespiglets at pig farm in the Pyreneeschat.jpgsheepmaria_pianomaria_terazamadridMadrid Province, N-IVrepsol_2006petronor_pueblo.jpgcoche.jpgdog.jpgdog2.jpgpuente.jpgzamorazamorazamora_sierra_culebrahotel_view.patternssunsetsunset2.jpggalicia.jpgcine_aguia_portomessing with the stairs from the 100 year old Livreria LelloPorto catportoporto_bridgeporto_dourorooster in JARDINS DO PALACIO DE CRISTALroad to portugalduerodon_quijoteHill on the road between Vejer and Medina Sidoniabelier.jpgHill on the road between Vejer and Medina SidoniaNear el DueroWind millsmadrid_barrio_chinomuseo del pradocarretera_andaluzacarretera_andaluzahillhillhillwordplaycanos_de_mecanew_management at the stablesroad to Barbateroad to vejer de la frontracabramolinoour backyardcarcarhappy EasterHappy EasterJoro from Bulgaryjorge y trompetistaaudreyflowery roadhormigamargaritasarbolesatardecer_dunaflorpoint_break with jbel musa in the backgroundperro_tarifalas_dunasThe one bull that got a pardonThe one bull that got a pardonatardecer_cocheflorboloniasaturada en la semana santavaca_dunastarifa_vista_africaThe arrival of the caravanflorperro_tarifapotrocielocielo2.jpgatardecer.estrecho with jbel musa in the backgroundfrohliche_wissenschaft.jpgRat in the kitchenRat in the kitchenRat in the kitchenrata2.jpgjean-pierre sidecarbichorata_compilperro_playaaudrey drawing in the car on a rainy day in Springcarreteramaria_furgonIn the end he got sold to a big London woman living nearbyHe got sold to a Brussels girl more than a year latersanteriamadrid_pisopolicia_cavallomaria de madridcol d'aresfined by guardia_trafico for taking a picture on Sundaymadrid_atardecerparadis_showVan Belle at home - Haacht Geike Arnaert in Jet Studio recording with HooverphonicGeike in Brussels Jet Studio recording with HooverphonicGeike Arnaert in Jet Studio recording with Hooverphonicview from a girl's appartmentbone chilling foglarry_sultan picturesin front of a Larry Sultan picturethe last  moments  of this IndesitconcertMark Smith, Christopher Hrasky & Munaf Rayani soundcheck in Brussels BotaniqueChristopher Hrasky, Michael James & Mark SmithMark Smithconcert botaniqueMichael James & Mark SmithChristopher Hrasky Christopher Hrasky & Michael James in Brussels BotaniqueMunaf Rayani after concert in Brussels BotaniqueMark Smith  after concertMichael James Munaf Rayani en Christopher Hrasky Botanique Brusselsbotanique.jpgconcert botanique Christopher Hrasky after concertMoonrise in Schaarbeekexplosions_in_the_skyAnother topless car pic nic at midday.sunset.jpgfuneral parlournovemberforbidden_horse.jpgroad_to_the_sun.jpgyoung architect fighting a coldarmageddon.jpgbxl_skyl.jpgSonja Haering (mirror) on tour with Lady Angelina (wings) Sonja Haering on stage with Lady AngelinaLady Angelina with audience on stagePieter Van Buyten on tour with Lady Angelina - Geel Pieter Van Buyten on stage with Lady Angelina in Geelsun in mirroroctober.jpgLady Angelina Geelwarm days at the end of Octobermx_double_jenneval.jpgSun insidesun in mirrorD4D engine of Toyota Previacamarontransporter-mirrorkill_tvlam.jpglam2.jpglamb3.jpganother.jpgsarah_woutersilly walkbxl_grues.jpgnegativesnegativesArtist Steven Janssens after finishing 'White Corner. 2 paper napkins on perpendicular walls' isolde trapped'Hopelijk' by Steven with Daan, Isolde & Stevenkvs_400col_400003.jpgkvs_hp_b&w_4000006.jpgkvs_hp_b&w_1000002.jpgkvs_hp_b&w_3000004.jpgIsolde Lasoen & Ruth Verhelst on tour with DaanIsolde Lasoen on tour with Daankvs_IMG_6302.jpgkvs_IMG_6353.jpgkvs_IMG_6329.jpgwhite_roomchoose your chainsJan Vuerstaak (licht) on tour with daana day without carsautoloospuurs_400col_600009.jpgRuth Verhelst on tour with Daanpuurs_400col2_400002.jpgpuurs_hpb&w_600018.jpgpuurs_hpb&w_100001.jpgpuurs_400col2_500003.jpgpuurs_400col_400004.jpgDaan puurspuurs_hpb&w_600017.jpgpuurs_hpb&w_200006.jpgpuurs_hpb&w_600016.jpgGregory Frateur on tour with Daanbrugge_400col_100002.jpgkortenaken_3200_400_600012.jpgwaarsch_hpb&w_500010.jpgwaarsch_hpb&w_7000015.jpgpuursIMG_6249.jpgpere_ubupere_ubupere_ubupere_ubupere-ubueagle_nest.jpgsunsetakkerrock_sup400_20006.jpgIsolde Lasoen & Ruth Verhelst on tour with Daanakkerrock_zww400delta_50008.jpgakkerrock_zww400delta_40007.jpgakkerrock_zww400delta_60010.jpgIsolde Lasoen & Ruth Verhelst on tour with Daanakkerrock_sup400_10003.jpgdaan_kitty800.jpgskyline2.jpgmy-skyline.jpgkortenaken_nph400_40005.jpgkortenaken_zww1600neo_80018.jpgIsolde Lasoen & Ruth Verhelst on tour with Daankortenaken_zww1600neo_50012.jpgSteven Janssens on tour with Daanlady angelinalady angelinalast_meal.jpgvue from a vanpalais2.jpgpalais.jpgwarandefirekortenaken_3200_400_200002.jpgkortenaken_zww1600neo_20004.jpgkortenaken_nph400_20001.jpgkortenaken_zww1600neo_10001.jpgkortenaken_nph400_30004.jpgrabbit.jpgarbre.jpgDaan Maanrock 2005 Mechelen ruth verhelst on tour with daan mechelen maanrockmechelenzww1_30027.jpgmechelenzww1_40029.jpgmechelenfriend in the kitchenpetrol05zwwpeople_60012.jpgthe feet from a bass player, a singer and meaxelle red concert à liege 2004parc_royal.jpgneerpeltzww3_30012.jpgneerpeltzww1_70029.jpgneerpeltzww2_30003.jpgneerpeltzww2_30004.jpgneerpeltzww3_20008.jpgruth verhelstmolzww4_50038res.jpgmolzww4_30032.jpgIsolde Lasoen on tour with DaanIsolde Lasoen on tour with Daanmolzww4_70041.jpgmolcolor2_0002.jpgdogs_play.jpglittlefish2.jpglittlefish.jpgIsolde Lasoen & Gregory Frateur on tour with DaanIsolde Lasoen & Ruth Verhelst on tour with DaanIsolde Lasoen & Ruth Verhelst on tour with Daanpetrolcolor_60001.jpgpetrolzww_5008.jpgpetrolzww_50046.jpgpetrolzww2_30008.jpgrivierenhofzww_30052.jpgrivierenhofzww_50054.jpgrivierenhof4_0003.jpgrivierenhofzww_30051.jpgrivierenhof5_0003.jpgrivierenhof05_50005.jpgrivierenhofF1000027.jpgF1000030cu.jpgF1000008.jpgF1000022.jpgF1000005.jpgDaan knokke kneistivalF1000001.jpgFb1000025.jpgFb1000017promo.jpgDaan Knokkedaan gentse feestenF1000026.jpgF1000006.jpgIsolde Lasoen & Gregory Frateur on tour with DaanF1010023zw.jpgIsolde Lasoen & Gregory Frateur on tour with DaanF1010020zw.jpgF1000018zw.jpgIsolde Lasoen & Gregory Frateur on tour with DaanF1000026zw.jpgF1010017zw.jpgruth verhelst en daanschaarbeekisolde lasoenisolde lasoen ruth  verhelst backstage touring with daanF1040001.jpgDaan Festiv'Halle 2005F1030014.jpgIsolde Lasoen on tour with DaanF1030007.jpgF1030015.jpgF1050020.jpgF1050023.jpgF1030022.jpgF1050011.jpggregory frateur en isolde lasoendaandaan_halleF1030023.jpgschelde.jpgeat_a_horsedaantacones lejanoslookwindow.jpgverdronkenpanneaux.jpgAxelle Red for Handicap International, Petition against cluster bombslejos.jpgN1 - SpainN1 - SpaincepsanN1campo.jpgEspana N1N1silencio.jpgperro_gas.jpgperro_barcacircleCN340cepsa_tarifa.jpghanging.jpgrear_window.jpgluna_playa.jpgjbel musabaktat.jpgStill alive after having been pierced and sprayed, left to be torn apart by the antsKilling out of compassion the butterfly who wouldn't diecamino.jpgmoonaire.jpgclaudiapregnant dogperra.jpgme_car_window.jpglisa5sargooffice.jpgnuna.jpgoffice2.jpgmetabogasolinagip.jpggasolinera gasolin.jpgfr_pre.jpgfr_col.jpgbordeauxanda_carac.jpgThe one fish more vulnerable to water than to heat, up to a point that isblue haired fairyoverlapvendomefallus.jpgsteel macrosteel macroThe one fish more vulnerable to water than to heatGas metal arc welding st37working steelboat on landjosaphat picnichome comingIMG_5026.jpgF1000030-01.jpgisolde lasoen ruth verhelst - daan affligemtower.jpgtowergone.jpgestacion.jpgHigh on the freewaywindow frost in the North of Spainpastor.jpgpastor_perros.jpgnavaja.jpgautovia.jpglooking to capture the voideuskadi.jpgdia.jpglisa_sarg.jpgpollo.jpgpollo_nemo.jpg2 dogs and a roasting chickenblack stallionmask.jpgnuna after her sterilisationnuna_after2.jpgF1000024caball.jpgmieren2.jpghome made chipsrata.jpgap7.jpgF1000035gas.jpgrunning machineperro2.jpgzahara.jpgwashing line near the riverjeans on a wirejbel musa across the strait of gibraltarsierra.jpgsierra2.jpgbuild.jpgmalaga gay beach cruising areagay beachhymer.jpgstealing the horses' bread miguel the surgeon sterilizing Nunapastoragua.jpgnuna.jpgjbel musa across the strait of gibraltar and the ship from Alatristefinca el maestrofinca el maestroone eyed horsebugdig around.abuse.jpghorse shitazul.jpgsunset.jpgever moving duneguardia.jpgguardia2.jpgtemptation.jpgtemptation2.jpgneuro_tic.jpgvultures in la Peñarooster.jpgvulture_fly.jpga visitor during my siestatexaco chickenF1000012vaca.jpgsiestaanis.jpganis2.jpginterior designdaili1931.jpgparfois je crache par plaisir sur le portrait de ma mère - salvador daliluna.jpgzapata.jpgzapata_th.jpgfreir.jpgmosquitomuerte.jpgtwo dung beetles and piece of hamdung beetleThose pigs look so content, they almost make me forget about the horrible way they get transported to be slaughtered.mosquitoviviendo.jpgatun.jpgblue.jpgsiesta among the cowsdigging.jpgwasteland in townmirror.jpgopen air toiletspring flowers sevilla.jpgbodyboarding tarifabodyboarding in tarifa in late winterbedroom.jpgstallion.jpggasolinera_perro.jpgmanana.jpga good reason to delay my departuredinant_fishrear windowmarc bonnemarc bonnelow concert puppy in kitchenF1020016.jpgGeike in Galaxy Studio's recording with HooverphonicGeike in Galaxy Studio's recording with HooverphonicF1020008.jpghv_galaxy.jpgcoeurdaandaan_abz_02.jpgdaan_abz_05.jpgdaan_abz_01.jpgdaan_abz_04.jpgisoldecat booksazaleazebra.jpgrepsolantwerpen singel nachtendaan_nachten_06.jpgdaan_nachten_09.jpgdaan_nachten_07.jpgdaan_nachten_03.jpgdaan rehearsing in the Single the afternoon of his Nachten 2005 solo piano concertdaan_nachten_01.jpgdaan_nachten_02.jpgdaan_nachten_05.jpgdaan_nachten_10.jpgdaan_nachten_04.jpgdaan nachtendaan nachtenreyers towerGiving up Smoking stimulates creativity, eyejet studioaudrey hepburn's eyesview from a girl's appartmentFuzzy Sarah on a french canbreakfastPaul Verhoeven's Starship TroopersPaul Verhoeven's Starship TroopersPaul Verhoeven's Starship TroopersPaul Verhoeven's Starship TroopersPaul Verhoeven's Starship TroopersShower scene from Paul Verhoeven's Starship TroopersIsolde Lasoen on tour with daan Happy 2005daan_happy_04.jpgIsolde Lasoen on tour with Daannewyeardressing roomgeike  soundcheck hooverphonicpskGeike soundcheck hooverphonicdaan_studioDaan Recording Uccle home studioDaan Recording Uccle home studioDaan Recording Uccle home studioDaan Recording Uccle home studioDaan Recording Uccle home studioarchi_danspolice horsesviolencemindfoodhooverphonic_bozar2004.jpgbackstagepuppy at horse farm in camaronpigeonlambstpetruga_migr.jpgstperpetua_gian.jpgstperpet_joscama.jpgsanta perpetuamagnellimasnoumasnoupicasso on velazquezbarcelona aseosmetrobarcelonetabarcelonetasagradabarcelona churchbarceloneta dogbarçelona semaforoautovialitoralbeach rideperrosanlu_couplecamaron_dentro.jpgsanlucar camaronsanluca_working.jpgday of the immaculate conceptionsanl_work.jpgsanlucarantonio_covarsiantonio_covarsicordobacity dogmaltrato abusecordoba_riodesayunosevilla2.jpghostal.jpgnemo_dentrosevilla.jpgthey were supposed to save me...bombero02.jpgferal dogs in the abandoned village of Sancti Petriperros bravas, feral dogs in the abandoned village of Sancti Petriferal dogs in the abandoned village of Sancti Petrigracias por su visitamundocavalzaventempassage difficilebuttbread with seaweed and eggvicente amigo antwerpguardia3.jpgtoilet kingconfusionconfusionrolling the jointcristinawoutercristinaview form a girl's appartmentnight view from a girl's appartmentkeeping warmatard_post.jpgnora.jpgnora_beach.jpgnora_bellotaa horseman's vanmine and its swedisch owned gasoline twindoradaburro.jpgvacas.jpgturkey.jpgfernanditofernanditofernandito2.jpgsombra.jpgsan fernando Cadizjbel musa across the strait of gibraltarsun.jpgmy 'home' country on a satellite pollution maphundes.jpgforeigners looking to buy a fincaaguacate con limon o con pimiento negro y sal?it is better to be blondbeachbeach_mealazano_rodeo.jpgalazano_rodeo2.jpgvisiting Cortijo El Rodeo nearby Chiclana de la Frontera2 brothers working - Cortijo El Rodeo nearby Chiclana de la Frontera2 brothers working - Cortijo El Rodeo nearby Chiclana de la Fronterasarastonedstonedwouter.jpgcompany.jpggetting water at the sourcecenanightly id-control by the guardia civiljoskitty kitty backstage Cristina in La BauleJeroen Swinnen on tour with Daan, Vismarktdaan_vismarkt_07.jpgdaan_vismarkt_10.jpgdaan_vismarkt_16.jpgdaan_vismarkt_06.jpgdaan_vismarkt_17.jpgdaan_vismarkt_01.jpgwouterIsolde Mol Vrolijke Vrijdagenisolde lasoen ruth verhelst petrol daandaan_dour_01.jpgdaan_dour_02.jpgDaan at Dour Festival dour stevenN630 - EspañaD933 - Francegas_champF1000025.jpgnear antequerabp.jpgdaan_botanique_02.jpgdaan_botanique_03.jpgdaan_botanique_05.jpgdaan_botanique_06.jpgdaan_botanique_07.jpgdaan_botanique_08.jpgdaan_botanique_09.jpgdaan_botanique_11.jpgdaan_botanique_12.jpgdaan_botanique_13.jpgdaan_botanique_14.jpgdaan_botanique_15.jpgdaan_botanique_16.jpgIsolde Lasoen on tour with DaanIsolde Lasoen on tour with Daandaan_botanique_19.jpgIsolde Lasoen on tour with Daandaan_monty_21.jpgdaan_monty_06.jpgdaan_monty_08.jpgdaan_monty_10.jpgdaan montydaan_monty_16.jpgdaan_monty_07.jpgdaan_monty_02.jpgdaan_monty_01.jpgdaan_monty_04.jpgdaan_handelsbeursdaan_handelsbeurs_13.jpgIsolde Lasoen and Otti Vanderwerf on tour with Daandaan_handelsbeurs_18.jpgdaan_handelsbeurs_05.jpgdaan_handelsbeurs_11.jpgdaan_handelsbeurs_17.jpgdaan_handelsbeurs_07.jpgIsolde Lasoen on tour with Daandaan_handelsbeurs_02.jpgdaan_handelsbeurs_04.jpgdaan_handelsbeurs_09.jpgdaan_handelsbeurs_01.jpgdaan_handelsbeurs_06.jpgdaan_josaphat_O1.jpgdaan_josaphat_O2.jpgdaan_josaphat_O3.jpg40 km East of Malagaaxelle red and jeff anderson, recording rehearsal, Brusselsaxelle red recording rehearsalaxelle red recording rehearsalAxelle Red recording rehearsal Ned Douglas on tour with axelle red Jeff Anderson & Lekan Babalola. On tour with Axelle Redaxelle red en concert axelle red backstage on tourJeff Anderson & Lekan Babalola on tour with Axelle RedJeff Anderson on tour with Axelle Red Jeff Anderson & Lekan Babalola. On tour with Axelle Redaxelle red backstage Montpellieraxelle red en tour Montpellieraxelle red signing poster backstage on tourDanish Mingi getting breadaxelle red concert Bataclan parisaxelle red concert Bataclan parisaxelle red concert Bataclan parismoronvillage.jpgpraying mantiss in toiletaxelle red live liege concert terneras_playaperro_mar800.jpgvaca_playa800.jpgperro_calleapen havenapenhavenantwerpen havenapenhavenSuzuki TLR1000Credocosta ricaleuven jaarmarkt heilige geeststraatleuven jaarmarkt heilige geeststraatfranceroutefrance-pubfrom Tsukamoto's Tokyo FistTsukamoto's Tokyo Fistfrance  gareAnjelica Huston in John Huston's The DeadAnjelica Huston in John Huston's The DeadNona Hendryx U2 1983Susan George and Dustin Hoffman in Sam Peckinpah's strawdogsSiegel's Dirty HarrySiegel's Dirty HarrySiegel's Dirty HarrySiegel's Dirty HarrySiegel's Dirty HarrySiegel's Dirty HarryRedford and Newman running towards their faith -the Bolivian army- in George Roy Hill's sunny version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidRedford and Newman running towards their faith -the Bolivian army- in George Roy Hill's sunny version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"This is no time for bravery. I'll let you (run for ammunition)" Paul Newman in George Roy Hill's sunny version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance "I'll go (and run to the mule for ammunition)" Robert Redford in George Roy Hill's sunny version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"I say we jump" Redford and Newman in George Roy Hill's sunny smiley version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidPaul Newman riding a bicycle with Katharine Ross in George Roy Hill's sunny version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1967 'Les risques du métier' with an excellent Jacques Brel under suspicion of having sex with his studentspointblank_tit.jpgLee Marvin in John Boorman's Point Blank (1967)Angie Dickinson and Lee Marvin in John Boorman's Point Blank (1967)Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor 1963Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor 1963Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor 1963Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor 1963Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor 1963Monica Vitti and Rossana Rory in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisse 17:43:13Monica Vitti and Rossana Rory in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMirella Ricciardi  in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti and Mirella Ricciardi in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseLouis Seigner and Monica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseMonica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisse 17:43:13Monica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisse 17:43:13Monica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisse 17:43:13Monica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'eclisseBolongo, Congo  (unknown photographer)An "ethnic" moment in John Huston's Moby Dick"Does it burn, men, does it burn?!" Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab in John Huston's 1956 Moby DickOrson Welles in John Huston's Moby Dick"better a sober cannibal than a drunken christian" says Richard Basehart sharing the bed with Friedrich von Ledeburg in John Huston's Moby DickSamuel Fuller's Pickup on South StreetSamuel Fuller's Pickup on South StreetSamuel Fuller's Pickup on South StreetSamuel Fuller's Pickup on South StreetIngrid Bergman in Rosselini's Stromboli 1950Ingrid Bergman in Rosselini's StromboliLauren Bacall in John Huston's Key LargoEvil silhouet of Edward G Robinson whispering in Lauren Bacall's ear in John Huston's Key LargoLauren Bacall in John Huston's Key LargoAnother tight frame from John Huston's Key Largo with Bogart and Bacall, Robinson Edward G Robinsons first shot in John Huston's Key Largo, bellybutton gangsterFelipa Gómez in John Huston's Key LargoEdward G Robinson tightly framed with Bacall and Bogart in John Huston's Key LargoJohn Ford's fort apache 1948John Ford's Fort Apache 1948John Wayne in John Ford's Fort Apache 1948John Wayne in John Ford's Fort Apache 1948Jacques Tourneur's Cat PeopleJacques Tourneur's Cat PeopleJacques Tourneur's Cat PeopleFrom Tintin in Congo, by Georges Prosper Remi  aka Hergé, enthusiastically embracing the spirit of colonialism in a rather lame comic book from 1930.FW Murnau's sunriseMurnau's NosferatuMurnau's NosferatuMurnau's NosferatuMurnau's NosferatuMurnau's NosferatuHow I learned to stop worrrying and love the bubbleBertie HarryDon't mention the economyDon't ask me about my businessIrish crisis: There is no plan BHow I learned to stop worrrying and love the bubbleHang on a minute lads. I've got a great idea. Mercedes 280S from 1977probably N630guardiaA12 Brussel Antwerpen regenboog
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boys' stuff (20)
bugs and crawlies (49)
cats (33)
chicas (39)
chicos (14)
cows & pigs & goats (36)
daan (204)
dead fish (12)
dogs (167)
ego (11)
elbicho (60)
explosions in the sky (15)
extreme weather (8)
feathery ones (14)
fleet foxes (6)
flowers (36)
food (22)
gas stations (31)
geike arnaert (7)
hooverphonic (13)
horses, mules & donkeys (89)
isolde lasoen (24)
lady angelina (8)
lumix gf2 with f2.5 14 (1)
lumix lx3 (70)
made from wood (2)
man in a van (84)
movie screenshots (80)
moya (34)
Nona Hendryx (1)
on the road (121)
Pancho Guedes (21)
politics (26)
portfolio music (21)
rats 'n' rabbits (10)
sunset and sunrise (44)
the ruby suns (4)
town and city (119)
U2 (1)
wrecks and ruins (5)

135mm (2) abstract (3) affligem (3) africa (193) airport (3) akkerrock_lovendegem (5) Algeciras (5) ancienne_belgique (7) andalucia (439) antwerpen (31) barcelona (9) belgium (297) bertie-ahern (6) bolonia (45) boom (2) botanique (42) brugge (4) brussels (191) Butch_Cassidy_and_the_Sundance_Kid (6) cadiz (318) canon5d (3) casino (2) catalunya (18) clmate-change (2) concert (317) congo (1) cordoba (6) costa_de_la_luz (86) County_Wicklow (1) crammerock (6) dakar (5) del (1) dijlefeesten (7) distagon f2-8 28mm (1) dos_mares (2) dour (4) dranouter (19) el_estrecho (71) el_maestre (3) esperanzah (41) f2-8 (2) festiv_halle (14) folk_dranouter (19) france (54) Freetown (15) fuerteventura (7) fuji (5) galicia (3) geel (8) gent (27) gentse_feesten (13) gran_canaria (3) guardia_civil (5) hacienda_buena_suerte (2) handelsbeurs (14) happy (3) hardwood (1) inhambane (19) ireland (11) Irish_t-shirts (7) islas_canarias (11) jbel_musa (8) josaphat_park (3) kenema (1) Key_Largo (7) kneistival (10) knokke (10) kortenaken (5) kvs (10) Lady_Angelina (1) Leone (1) liege (1) lilongwe (2) live (315) lumix_gf2 (4) lumley_beach (1) l_eclisse (16) maanrock (5) madrid (23) magdalena (4) malaga (3) malawi (6) manica (7) maputo (139) matola (1) Mbombela (8) mechelen (12) Moby_dick (4) mol (7) monty (10) moya (2) mozambique (177) mpumalanga (8) music (7) nachten (12) neerpelt (5) ngor (5) niassa (2) nosferatu (5) oostende (2) open_air (5) Palace (5) paris (4) petrol (7) politics (1) porto (7) portugal (7) praia_dos_pescadores (5) pukemarock (13) puurs (13) pyrenees (1) rainbow (3) rivierenhof (7) rock_affligem (3) rock_kortenaken (5) ronda (1) santa_perpetua (8) san_fernando (1) senegal (5) sevilla (6) Sierra (1) Sierra-Leone (14) sierra_leone (3) silhouet (1) silhouet_and_shadow (13) singel (12) slavery (1) sonnar (2) South-Africa (18) spain (477) stekene (6) strait_of_gibraltar (32) swaziland (8) tahivilla (1) tarifa (43) tofo (4) turnhout (4) vrolijke_vrijdagen (7) warande (4) Werchter (2) wex (1) windmill (2) xefina (1) zahara_de_los_atunes (3) zambezia (3) zamu (1) zebra (1)