about chien-andalou.com
This site contains many of the pictures I took between 2005 and now.
I sometimes take pictures to be used in a professional context.
Most of the time I take them because I like to capture what I see at that moment.
They reflect the life I live, if partly and in a manipulated way.
Most important: they are here for you to enjoy them.

The carbon cost of this lifestyle?
We live in a small house in a hot country, grow some vegetables, eat fish, feed our dog nearly daily eggs, and this would be all super without a car and one transcontinental flight a year, accounting for 4 out of 7 Tons. Luckily I don't work in development, because that seems unavoidably (?) to up your tonnage with at least 50%…


PS I like dogs, Buñuel and Andalucia, hence the title.
Even if L'âge d'or is far superior and a absolute masterpiece to my eyes, but try putting that in an url.