they were supposed to save me...
they were supposed to save me...
03-12-2004  Category: man in a van    Tags: andalucia spain   

That truck shouldn't be there sliding away in the middle of an extremely muddy field. It tried to tow me out after I first I had been trying myself for two hours to get out of this mess, and then asked them for help, they were only 1,5km away. But when we were half way out of the mud the truck started to slide itself and hit my car twice before it went ahead to make a big turn plain across the field. Anyway, after all this fun I managed to back out of the mud and went sliding uphill -picture below- in reverse, making the van a rearwheel drive... In the end I told them to forget about my smashed tail light, they weren't supposed to leave their quarters anyway for a thing like this! So filling in the papers could have been a hassle for them. Still, they were curious what I was doing on that muddy road: looking for a place for my siesta. They seemed to consider that a reasonable answer.

Happilly I continued my way to Sevilla, for about 300 meters, when doing barely 80 the van started shaking from the front wheels up. High pressure cleaner didn't help, so I started calling Belgium: asking a friend if she could direct me to a Toyota garage in Sevilla, and checking insurance for eventual repatriation. Drove almost straight to the garage. Of course on a Friday night at 18h30 there was no way to get a repair, but fthey would have a look if it wasn't anything simple. The mecanic got three wheels off the car and under the high pressure cleaner and that was it. The sticky mud had unbalanced the wheels. The chief mecanic wouldn't charge anything so I offered a decent bottle of tinto to the mecanic.

Andalucia is far from the worst place on earth to get yourself voluntarily into trouble.

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